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Introduction is an Alien Worlds Community project that introduces customizable NFT avatars. Users can combine Avatar Part NFTs to create unique Avatar Templates with varying rarities. When Alien Worlds community members mint avatars from these templates the template designers earn TLM. This project adds creativity and customization to the Alien Worlds ecosystem by integrating Trillium and Alien Worlds Tool NFT gating. We previously wrote a blog post here: The project will be going live on Wax Mainnet June 21st but if you visit today you will see it running on Wax Testnet.

Getting Started

At the most basic level there are three major steps to participate in Alien Avatars.

Purchase and Open Part Pack NFTs to receive a random assortment of Avatar Part NFTs

Assemble your Part NFTs into a unique Avatar Template. You can pick a custom name as well as.

Alien Worlds community members can discover your template creation to mint their own on the avatars page As the designer of the template you earn TLM when others mint from it.


What is an Avatar Part Pack NFT?

Avatar Part Packs are NFTs that can be exchanged for TLM and traded on external markets like AtomicHub. Packs can be opened to reveal Avatar Part NFTs. Common Part Packs contain random lower rarity cards while the Rare Part Packs contain a small number of cards that are guaranteed to be of higher rarities. Read the details about each pack on the packs page

What is an Avatar Part NFT?

Avatar Part NFTs represent one of the 6 pieces needed to create an Avatar Template. Part NFTs also have a rarity rating that ranges from Common to Mythical. The rarity rating determines how often the part is found in packs. Parts also have a name, most parts are part of a ‘set’ with up to 6 matching parts sharing the same name. How many matching part sets can you collect?

What is an Avatar Template?

Avatar Templates can be created on the design page by combining 6 Avatar Part NFTs together plus approving the template creation fee. Once an Avatar Template is created anyone holding AW Tool NFTs can use TLM to mint an NFT from the template. When minting from a template 25% of the mint cost goes to the original designer of the template. When you create an Avatar Template you get to pick a custom name for the template and you also have the opportunity to mint the first avatar from that template.

What is the Avatar Template Rarity Score?

Avatar Templates have a rarity score which is determined by the average rarity rating of the Avatar Part NFTs used to create the avatar. The rarity score of the template determines the starting mint price of avatars from that template as well as the maximum number of NFTs that can be minted from that template. Higher rarity templates start at a higher value and a lower maximum supply.

When I create an Avatar Template do I get the first mint?

No. However you’ll have the ability to pre-mint avatars from the template before anyone else.

How does the avatar minting price change?

The avatar minting price is subject to change based on demand and the rarity score of the Avatar Template. After each mint, the value increases by 10% if the previous mint occurred within the last 24 hours. There is no cap, allowing it to rise indefinitely. However, if no mint occurs for 24 hours, a decay process starts, decreasing each day, with the decay rate ranging from 5–1% depending on the rarity score. The decay continues until the value reaches the starting mint price for that rarity.

I’m missing some Avatar Part NFTs needed to build my Avatar Template. How can I get the missing parts?

The easiest way to get specific part NFTs is to purchase them directly on secondary markets. If you can’t find them on secondary markets then you can purchase and open Avatar Part Packs and hope to find the part you are looking for.



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