Boid Breaches Barriers Offering the First NFT on EOS with Real Utility

Boid: A Brief Introduction

Boid mining is orientated around seasons, each a total of 10 weeks, whereby the computations that are performed are via the network of distributed allocated CPU and GPU allocated resources revolve around causes such as helping scientists simulate and isolate more effective treatments for cancer, Alzheimers, Covid-19, and other pressing health related medical diseases and issues, run simulations that predict the effects of climate change on our planet, simulate the movement of celestial bodies and help researchers study the most fundamental aspects of how the universe works, and even training neural networks to power the next generation of artificial intelligence.

Users of Boid join a team and within their mining capacity these teams compete for the top slot in garnering resources towards performing these complicated but oh so important algorithms. And this best part about this team based season orientated computational mining effort, well, that is quite simply that depending upon which team users become a member of the prizes for helping both the team and Boid in this endeavor are eligible to all who qualify within the layout of what has been announced whether they be various tokens put up by the teams or in some cases physical or even NFT based prizes.

How the Mining Generates BOID Power

A New Integrated and Quite NiFTy Approach

To kick the Science Series off, we thought it only appropriate to bring in the man who potentially was so ahead of his time that even he couldn’t have imagined how uncanny much of what he dreamed of and envisioned of future science and technology would match his whimsy. We can actually credit him for the idea of wireless Internet and smartphones. Believe it or not, in 1901, he actually had the idea for a wireless way to gather information, code it in his lab, change the frequency, and broadcast it to a hand-held device — nearly exactly how our smartphones work today. Like many of his great ideas, it was never created or tested.

And yes, if you guessed Nikola Tesla then you fine Sir or Madam know your history well.

The Brass, Bronze, Silver, and Gold Tesla NFT’s and all their attributes can be seen at Please note that these Tesla cards cannot be staked on top of each other and rewards are only valid for active miners of the Boid season.

Auction Timeline

How the Auction Works

Finishing Up

What Else is in Store for the Future of Boid Official Channels and Resources

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