Boid Season 2 Statistics

Boid Season 2 ended on September 21st and we have some great statistics to share with the community about the performance of the Boid platform this season.

The science project we contribute towards (Mapping Cancer Markers) is currently studying ovarian cancer as well as sarcoma (bone cancer). The work is split into small work units which require 4–6 hours of computing time per unit to complete.

  • The Boid platform has completes an average of 31675 Work Units per day with over 3959 active daily CPU cores.

Top 5 teams
- Secure blockchains
- Trybe
- EOS-Nation
- eosDAC
- Rise

Platform Development Progress

Development on the Boid platform has continued at a brisk pace. Here are a few highlights.

Read the entire article on the Boid community site

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