Boid Season 0 Wrap-Up
2 min readMar 27, 2019


We are closing in on the final week of Season 0, thank you for an amazing first season! During this season we added some new features, received a LOT of feedback, and most importantly, we mapped a LOT of cancer markers. Thanks to YOU, Boid is currently the 8th Largest Active contributor we are approaching the Top 30 for all time largest contributions to World Community Grid. Based on our production during the Alpha release, It is clear we will become the largest provider of distributed computing power the grid has seen before.

Top 10 World Community Grid Teams

Season 0 Final Bonuses

The end of season Boid bonuses are live and tracking your progress. These are going to be the largest Bonuses yet so competition will be steep! A total of 30 Million BOID will be distributed during the Boid Season 0 Finale!

  • 15 Million BOID will be distributed to the top 10 teams March 31st.
  • During April 1st — 7th the top five teams will receive tokens totaling an additional 15 Million.

Help Us Grow

We have listed the Boid app on ProductHunt. This is a website where people learn about new and emerging apps or technology. If you are a current contributor to Boid we would appreciate if you left a review and upvoted our listing a to help us get noticed. Direct link to product hunt listing:

The Boidcast

We have started a new podcast called “The Boidcast” available on SoundCloud. We have long form conversations with Boid developers, Team leaders from the community, and influencers within the EOS space. We have already released the first two episodes.

Episode 1: John and Boid Developer Jamie discuss EOS Voting Proxies and DPOS Voting mechanics.

Episode 2: John and Dan@Boid discuss some of the common Boid questions, Artificial Intelligence, Space Rockets and more.

Season Break and Season 1

As you know, Season 0 will end on April 7th.There will be a 2 week period, ending on April 21, where users can stake and unstake their tokens before the start of Season 1. Remember, Tokens staked at the start of the season will be locked until season completion. The season break is your chance to stake more BOID and increase your profitability during Season 1. Check out the profit calculator at



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