Boid Season 2 Launch
3 min readJul 22, 2019


Season 2 has started and we have a great set of Team promotions provided by the various Boid Team leaders. Let’s especially be sure to welcome our new teams this season: Everything EOS and Rise, as well as returning team EOSphere. Some of the team promotions are starting today, while many others will start later this month. Make sure you decide on a team and join that team before the promotions start for your best chance to climb the ranks!

Season 2 Promotions

Secure Blockchains
SBC Is giving away 1000 XRP and 550,000 BOID tokens. SBC has the largest team stake so that means they will have the highest team bonus relative to other teams at the top of the leaderboard. SBC came in #1 in Season 0 but they lost the throne to Telos in Season 1. Will they make a comeback?

Trybe is giving away 100,000 TRYBE tokens this season!

EOS Nation
EOS Nation has set aside 10,000 DAPP Tokens to reward users. This is the first time DAPP tokens have been distributed on Boid.

The Telos team are our returning champs from Boid season 1. They are rewarding team contributors with 5000 TLOS this season and they have already started raising additional coins from their community to be added as team rewards later this season.

EOS Detroit
EOS Detroit has the most unique rewards so far this season. They are issuing a special collectible blockchain item as well as a physical hardware Ubikey to the top contributor this season. Read more:

Effect AI
Chris from is coming out of the gate swinging with a prize pool of 20,000 EFX for their top contributors. He also hinted in Telegram there may be more prizes to come?

This team is new but I think they could be our sleeper champions this season. Their team leader Jamie put together an excellent rewards package of 25,000 RISE + a generous team bonus stake. Jamie wrote this helpful blog post to assist in onboarding new users to the Boid Rise team.

The EDNA team is back this season with EDNA Lease DIscount rewards. These prizes can get you a discount on EDNA genetic analysis services when their service goes live! Team leader Tom put together a great writeup:

The PixEOS team is handing out 1.5M PIXEOS tokens to users this season.

The Karma team is handing out 250,000 KARMA tokens this season.

The EOShere team took a break last season but their team is back up and running this season with an offering of 12,000 EMT tokens for contributors. This could be some easy rewards for new users as the team is currently vacant! Show EOSphere some love!

Other News

In case you missed the year two Boid economic proposal that was published earlier this month. Please give it a read and provide some feedback as these new economics will be rolled out over the next few months and finalized during the next season break.

John presented Boid at the BOINC workshop, a distributed computing conference that was hosted at IBM HQ in Chicago. John got to make connections with core developers of the BOINC software, Gridcoin, Researchers, and the people in charge of operating World Community Grid. You can see John’s talk here:

I’d also highly suggest you watch this presentation from the WCG lead director Juan Hindo last week at the BOINC workshop conference. She talks about the real-world impact that WCG has made and many other things that happen behind the scenes.

Enjoy Season two!

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