Boid Season 4 launch details
5 min readApr 26, 2020


Season 4 has started, and we have many great teams and rewards waiting for the taking. This time we would like to dedicate this season to COVID-19 research. The whole world is affected by this virus and we think that all of us can chip in to help scientists to resolve this huge global crisis.

This is the time to choose your team and start earning your BOID keep. Join before the promotions start for your best chance to climb the ranks!

Team promotions


This time the fab and famous CSX is giving out 7,511,110 KROWN tokens!!!

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EOS Detroit

This team has prepared a lot of unique physical items! And not only…

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Uplift Nation

Great project with a lot of potential has a unique physical reward and some very useful BOID token staking rewards.

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WAX has provided a prize pool of 5,139 WAX tokens to be distributed among the top 20 team contributors. The WAX tokens are IBC enabled which means you can receive them to your EOS account and send them to your WAX account easily. During the season we hope to enable the ability for users to login with a WAX account natively and link their Boid account directly to their WAX account.


The future of DeFi is here! The Vigor team did a great job collecting rewards from the Vig community, this is one of the larger prize pools for Boid this season, keep an eye on this team! Be sure and check out the vigor project at

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This great community has put out a team again with some TLOS token rewards! Telos has always been a top performing Boid team and we expect big things from this team this season! Snce TLOS is now IBC enabled, you can easily receive TLOS tokens to your EOS account. Additionally, we will be enabling the ability to directly login with your Telos account during Season 4.


Effect AI is making a comeback this season. I can smell it!


Trybe has been with us since the start and this season they have a combination of BOID and TRYBE tokens on offer. Check them out!

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Secure Blockchains

Team SBC has been with us since the early days and has always been a top performer. We will see if they can handle the fresh competition this month! The SBC Team has committed 1M BOID tokens to the season promotion pool.

This project is an incredible new community platform… You NEED to check it out. Join the team and earn some ATOM tokens!

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Would you like to raise your Karma level? How about some KARMA tokens? Join the team and check-out the project! The Karma community has collected a prize pool of around 500K KARMA tokens!

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EOS Nation

The list is so long with the projects they work on… and they just offered some DAPP tokens for their Boid users! You NEED to check them out! The Prize pool for the EOS Nation team is 7600 DAPP!

Boid VIP

Early Boid users will remember, the first Boid team was the Boid VIP team. As other teams joined the platform we locked this team to encourage users to participate in other teams. Now we feel it is the right time to bring the team back. The Boid team is only for dedicated Boid users who want to show their support for Boid development. There is no prize pool for the Boid team and there is no team bonus. Additionally the Boid team will not be listed on the global leaderboards. The team bonus goes to the core Boid platform developers to provide a basic source of funding for development of the platform. If you want to support Boid development but also participate on another team you can always send some donations to the boiddonation contract.

In other news

The Boid Donations contract is live until Season 4 starts, so there is still a chance to make a donation and receive a Boid Season Pass! After Boid Season 4 starts no more Season Pass NFTs will be created and you will no longer be able to purchase Boid Season 4 merchandise. Remember the minimum donation to receive merchandise is $80.

BOID Token is almost fully functional on other EOSIO chains.

The Telos Folding@Home Promotional payouts for the first month were distributed.

Boid Earth Day promotion



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