Introducing Alien Worlds Community Avatar Maker
2 min readApr 3, 2023


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The Alien Worlds Community Avatar Maker is being built on the WAX blockchain. It offers a unique platform for creating, sharing, and earning from custom avatar designs. The platform is being developed by the team behind Boid and the EOSPowerUp service. The product is based on the Boid Avatar Creator on the EOS blockchain.

Creating Avatars

Users can exchange Trilium for NFT Packs containing Body Part NFTs with various rarity ratings. Opening a pack reveals the Body Part NFTs inside, which can then be combined to create personalized avatar NFT templates.

Designing and Sharing Avatar Templates

By combining Body Part NFTs, users can create avatar templates, name them, and share them with others. When other users mint avatars using a template, the designer earns a 25% cut of the minting cost. The template’s rarity, determined by averaging the rarities of the parts used, affects the maximum supply cap and mint cost.

Staking AW NFTs

Alien Worlds Community Avatar Maker incorporates a staking mechanic, requiring users to stake and lock Alien Worlds Tool NFTs with a matching rarity in order to mint or design an avatar of the corresponding rarity. This feature extends the utility of Alien Worlds NFTs.

Getting Started

Users can connect to the Alien Worlds Avatar Maker platform using Anchor or Wax Cloud Wallet. Transactions are conducted using the native TLM token on the WAX blockchain.


To explore the design and mint functionality, visit, which is deployed on EOS today. The Alien World Avatar NFTs project will offer a unique and engaging platform for users to create, share, and earn from their custom avatar designs, while also adding value to AW NFTs through its staking mechanic.



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