Let’s Talk about Boid, The Social Supercomputer

Have you heard of Boid, The Social Supercomputer?

Boid is an application you run on your computer. The application uses your computers power to work on large complicated tasks in the background and you get paid for the work your computer does.

Beyond Boid being an application on your computer, it is also a network of computers working together on a common goal. Those computers are all owned by users like you that form a competitive community of like-minded individuals that communicate through our various social channels… even if its just to brag about making it into the Top 10 rankings in Boid’s leaderboards.

Users are paid in Boid tokens which are an cryptocurrency asset within the EOS Network. Tokens that are earned can be staked within the Boid app to amplify your earnings. There are also several other features coming online that allow you to use your tokens for specific perks.

What kind of complicated tasks?

This is a real scientific effort to peer into human DNA, use the information there to save lives and beat cancer before it starts. There are hundreds of scientists that are gathering data and experimenting every day. You can help us process the vast amounts of data they generate and get paid for doing so. Our app ensures that you are able to profitably participate in this activity with no technical skill or knowledge… in fact the only effort involved is the 15 minute setup of your Boid account and app.

What is involved for the user?

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If you have any specific questions, don’t hesitate to reach out directly to Dan(at)Boid.com

We also have active communities on Twitter, Telegram and Discord.

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