Tesla NFT Release and other Nifty Drops of Boid Related Goodness

3 min readNov 20, 2020


Boid Scientists Series Tesla NFT Auction Comes to a Close

The Boid Scientists series has finally wrapped up it’s first auction for the Tesla NFT. As previously mentioned in Boid Breaches Barriers Offering the First NFT on EOS with Real Utility, the Tesla rarities were of 4 varieties each containing differing attributes which will contribute to Boid mining power during the next season expected to kick off sometime early 2021.

In total there were 5 individuals reaching the top tier meaning they have been awarded one NFT from each of the corresponding tiers of Brass, Bronze, Silver, and Gold. In addition, one individual has reached the second tier and one the third tier, gaining 3 and 2 Tesla NFT’s respectively, and 6 individuals reaching the fourth tier each gaining the Brass versions in their associated accounts.

For those tallying then, the total release of these Boid Tesla NFT’s is 5 Golds, 6 Silvers, 7 Bronzes, and 13 Brasses with the lowest mint number going to the accounts that attributed the most dollar value amount in crypto at the time of the closing of the event. Regardless of whether you are mining or not, the manner in which these have been distributed actually make them some of the rarest first releases in the entire NFT space, and ones with intrinsic value of utility to boot.

Likely the easiest way to see these assets is to login to the EOS side of Atomic Hub (https://eos.atomichub.io/explorer) with your relevant EOS account. Login options include Anchor, Scatter, and Wombat. Post login, you can easily view all of your Boid and other NFT assets by clicking on the inventory section under the top menu attached to your EOS account.

For those who may have missed out on this opportunity don’t fret, as Boid will be releasing some follow-up NFT’s within the Scientist series in the near future, and likely with a new and improved model for auction and distribution from all that has been learned by this first round Tesla event.

Upliftnation Boid Mining Team Season 4 KISS NFT Minting and Release

As those in the Boid space are well aware, Boid is structured around teams which gamifies the mission of contributing computing resources towards scientific research. Each season different teams put up different prizes in which team members are eligible for depending upon their Boid power and mining ranking within the team they have chosen. One of our teams last year decided to mint an original series of KISS NFT’s and award all active members with these. With the help of Atomic Assets enabling viable NFT’s on the EOS blockchain, the Upliftnation KISS series NFT’s have finally been minted. Although Boid has sent a few of these out, not all on the Upliftnation team have responded to the email necessary for transfer of these mblu crypto KISS NFT’s — and considering the recent developments of Uplift.Art into the NFT space on both WAX.io and EOS, these are likely some that you really want to claim if you are eligible.

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