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Boid Scientists Series Tesla NFT Auction Comes to a Close

The Boid Scientists series has finally wrapped up it’s first auction for the Tesla NFT. As previously mentioned in Boid Breaches Barriers Offering the First NFT on EOS with Real Utility, the Tesla rarities were of 4 varieties each containing differing attributes which will contribute to Boid mining power during the next season expected to kick off sometime early 2021.

In total there were 5 individuals reaching the top tier meaning they have been awarded one NFT from each of the corresponding tiers of Brass, Bronze, Silver, and Gold. …

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Boid: A Brief Introduction

For those that may need an introduction or refresher, Boid is essentially a social computer operating on the EOS Blockchain. By mining BOID users give Boid access to any unused CPU, GPU and other resources on their personal or business computers. It is entirely up to those mining what percentage of CPU resources right down times of inactivity what resources are allocated to Boid all at no cost to the users regular performance. …

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Season 4 has started, and we have many great teams and rewards waiting for the taking. This time we would like to dedicate this season to COVID-19 research. The whole world is affected by this virus and we think that all of us can chip in to help scientists to resolve this huge global crisis.

This is the time to choose your team and start earning your BOID keep. Join before the promotions start for your best chance to climb the ranks!

Team promotions


This time the fab and famous CSX is giving out 7,511,110 KROWN tokens!!!

Read more here:

EOS Detroit

This team has prepared a lot of unique physical items! And not…


EOSIO incorporates an innovative resource model which doesn’t require paying fees on a per transaction basis to utilize the network. The reason the blockchain is designed this way is for two primary reasons:

  1. Improved performance: Not requiring a token transfer with each action improves the system level performance and scalability of transactions, especially for multithreaded scaling.
  2. Less user-facing friction: Users don’t have to worry about paying a cost every time they want to perform basic day-to-day actions on the blockchain.

The resource model unlocks innovative use-cases of the blockchain that is unique to EOSIO. When users have sufficient resources staked they experience incredible speeds and usability when interacting with the blockchain. If you calculate the transaction “cost” vs similar public blockchains, the cost per transaction of EOSIO networks is orders of magnitude less expensive. Wallets for traditional fee based blockchains incorporate transaction fee estimation algorithms, the fee is automatically calculated for the user when the user sends a transaction. …

Boid Season 2 Statistics

Boid Season 2 ended on September 21st and we have some great statistics to share with the community about the performance of the Boid platform this season.

The science project we contribute towards (Mapping Cancer Markers) is currently studying ovarian cancer as well as sarcoma (bone cancer). The work is split into small work units which require 4–6 hours of computing time per unit to complete.

  • The Boid platform has completes an average of 31675 Work Units per day with over 3959 active daily CPU cores.
  • Over 380 new devices registered during Season 2.
  • We also welcomed 67 GPU devices producing 1.8GH/s (avg 25MH/s) for the first time this season. …

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The vision behind Boid has always been as a platform that helps to bridge blockchains and distributed computing technology to a broad audience in a social and accessible way. This is why Boid users are only required to login to Boid using a simple email/password authentication system.

Using an off-chain account system means that new users can access all the functionality of the Boid platform without any blockchain exposure. The only aspect of the platform that requires a blockchain account is when the user wishes to interact with the BOID tokens. …

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Season 2 has started and we have a great set of Team promotions provided by the various Boid Team leaders. Let’s especially be sure to welcome our new teams this season: Everything EOS and Rise, as well as returning team EOSphere. Some of the team promotions are starting today, while many others will start later this month. Make sure you decide on a team and join that team before the promotions start for your best chance to climb the ranks!

Season 2 Promotions

Secure Blockchains
SBC Is giving away 1000 XRP and 550,000 BOID tokens. SBC has the largest team stake so that means they will have the highest team bonus relative to other teams at the top of the leaderboard. SBC came in #1 in Season 0 but they lost the throne to Telos in Season 1. …

Before we begin, please open this link in a new tab before you start so you don’t forget to provide your opinion on this proposal. Boid is not a dictatorship, we are a community and your opinion and vote matter!

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During the Boid community livestream on June 14th I announced my initial proposal for the year two economic plan for the Boid network. Based on community reception of the idea, I have fully fleshed out the economics for how the Boid network can work moving forward. Currently much of the functionality mentioned here is being tested in smart contracts on the Kylin testnet. …

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We are closing in on the final week of Season 0, thank you for an amazing first season! During this season we added some new features, received a LOT of feedback, and most importantly, we mapped a LOT of cancer markers. Thanks to YOU, Boid is currently the 8th Largest Active contributor we are approaching the Top 30 for all time largest contributions to World Community Grid. Based on our production during the Alpha release, It is clear we will become the largest provider of distributed computing power the grid has seen before.

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By Jamie Cupper
This review will cover the “1person1vote proposal and our rationale behind the boidcomproxy.

The “1person1vote” referendum
It is worth noting that this is an exciting proposal, and it is something that other DPoS coins have successfully implemented. Lisk forks (in the main) keep the 101 votes, full vote weight applied to all 101 delegates. Ark changed that voting system from day one; thus all ark forks implemented and run the same one vote, one wallet system.

There were many reasons for this, the overriding factor was to reduce the Cartels that formed in Lisk, and it’s fork chains. Ark forked from Lisk, and a number of the Lisk team moved with Ark, as they didn’t agree with Lisks’ direction of travel. …


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